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Durham, NC 27705 welcomes you!  We hope you can find everything you need here on our site. Body Language Therapeutic Massage is focused on providing high quality Massage Therapy.  It is our desire to provide therapeutic and effective treatment via massage to each and every client that allows us the opportunity.  Our goal is that you never leave feeling the way you did when you came, but rather, that you leave with less pain, more range of motion, less stress, feeling more relaxed and with an overall sense of well being.  Here we treat each client as an individual, not a number.  You're never hurried along or rushed about.  We take the time to speak with you & listen to your concerns...and not only that, but we also listen to what your body is saying and respond accordingly.
With a variety of techniques and modalities to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We are also available for Chair Massage Events, "Pamper Parties", "Spa Days", and out calls/in home sessions.  Please contact us via email, phone or any links within this site to obtain further information and/or to schedule any of the previously mentioned events or services.  Please continue to browse our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us via email or via a message in our guest book!  Please be mindful that all comments are viewed for approval prior to being visible on website. We welcome your feedback, appreciate your thoughts and value your opinion.  Thanks again for dropping in!

General Scheduling

Please click the link below if you have NO VOUCHERS OR GIFT CERTIFICATES of any kind! Select "NO" when asked if you have a Groupon, then proceed to select your service from the list of menu options.

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Gift Certificates!

If you received a Gift Certificate and need to schedule, simply click the link below, go to the list of services and select "Gift Certificate". Make sure to select the option with the session length that corresponds to YOUR gift certificate! Look forward to seeing you soon!!

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 Amazon Local
Thank you for your purchase and for visiting our site! You may schedule your appointment by clicking the link below. When/if asked if you have a Groupon, please select "No", then you should see a menu with a list of services. Select "Amazon 60min" or "Amazon 60min w/stones". Following your selection you'll be prompted to enter your contact information followed by your Amazon voucher number. If you're scheduling via your cell phone, you may see a screen that says "Have Groupon? Yes or No.  If you see this screen, select no and proceed to select your service and schedule your appointment.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Groupon Vouchers
Firstly, thank you for your business!
Secondly, please be mindful that Groupon vouchers currently being sold are VALID FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY! This is listed in the "fine print" on the voucher, but seems to be getting overlooked.  We do appreciate our regular and repeat clients and since the voucher doesn't "technically" apply to our regulars...Please view all the WONDERFUL DEALS we now have in place on our SERVICES/PRICES/SPECIALS page.
Lastly, you may schedule your appointment by clicking the link below.  If you have your voucher number you may click where it says "have groupon", enter your number and proceed with scheduling.  If the system is uncooperative and wont allow you to proceed after entering the number, simply bypass entering the  voucher number by selecting "no" when asked if you have a Groupon then go to the  service menu and select the service that corresponds to YOUR purchase, enter your contact information then enter your voucher number (digits under bar code) when prompted. You  should also bring your printed voucher, voucher number or cell phone with access to the voucher to your appointment.

You have a choice of three service providers; Yolanda, Lydia or Frank. You will be well pleased with either choice, we promise!  Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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If you have purchased this Groupon deal, please select "Lydia Bell 60min Groupon" or "Lydia Bell 90min Groupon" from the services menu. You will be prompted to enter your voucher number during the course of scheduling your appointment after entering your contact information. Please enter the digits printed under the bar code on your Groupon voucher.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your massage!
~Body Language Therapeutic Massage Management~

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**Please note, same day appointments can not be booked online,
however you may contact us via phone or email to check availability
We hope to see you again! Check back periodically for updates to our website. There's much more to come!


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